Majorca Schools | Academy International School News Roundup

Each year, the Academy’s primary and secondary schools work with Save the Med Foundation and participate in their educational programs. Last week, our Year 6A and Year 6B students took part in a field project as part of their Dos Manos Schools Program at Can Pere Antoni beach in Palma.

They worked on a scientific inquiry on plastic pollution, identifying the main sources of this pollution and thinking about ways to make positive changes in their daily lives and in their local environment.

They also had a lot of fun paddling, playing on the beach, doing great balancing acts and bury the teacher!

Use technology as another learning tool

This term that we introduced iPads in the kindergarten program. Some children had the opportunity to explore simple math and creative applications.

Alongside teachers, they learn to select icons for purposes. They can choose color and shapes to create their own images.

They are develop fine motor skills and their critical thinking to solve simple puzzles.

Against forest fires

Living on an island in the Mediterranean, we are all aware of the damage that forest fires can cause, which is why our 10th A and 10th B students wanted to take part in an activity designed by the Forestry Agency of the Balearic Islands know the aerial and ground means used to put out forest fires.

They spoke to firefighters based nearby Son Bonet Airport who explained their work to protect the environment of the islands. They saw the planes and helicopters used in this very important task and were able to climb into one of the helicopters to get a taste.

What’s this one of the students wrote:

Year 10 went to Son Bonet airport and as it was near the school we walked there; it was such a beautiful day for a walk. In Son Bonet we listened to a lecture by a technician on forest fires, which was very interesting and pleasant. After a short break in the shade, we headed to the airfield wearing our hi-vis jackets, so we could be easily seen. We saw lots of helicopters and planes taking off and landing which was both fascinating and exciting. We had another conversation, this time with 3 firefighters and a helicopter pilot. We learned about the roles of the plane and the helicopter and the real experiences of the crew – we even got to sit inside the helicopter and have our pictures taken. After an informative morning in Son Bonet, we then went to lunch at the city garden beach. We had a great time playing in the sand and at a nearby exercise park. It was a great day! by Alphonse Y 10A