Make virtual learning a truly personalized experience

Compass International School Doha, students have access to exceptional education and world-class teaching through its virtual school and on-campus learning model.

Compass’ virtual school experience is specially designed for individual learning needs and draws on global best practice from across its entire Nord Anglia Education family of schools. Through its safe and secure platform, students attend innovative classes, receive high-quality instruction, and participate in unique learning opportunities.

“Our academic standards have been the priority here,” shares Ann Djedid, campus manager at Themaid. “When we initially moved to virtual learning, there was always a feeling that our school and Nord Anglia Education were better prepared than others to adapt to change. Staff have worked very diligently and professionally to readapt to the unpredictable climate, with the focus at all times on the student.

Source: Compass International School Doha

Compass International School Doha – part of Nord Anglia Education Group – is located across four campuses in Qatar’s capital: Themaid, Gharaffa, Madinat Khalifa and Rayyan. Each of the four campuses adopts the UK Early Years to Year 13 curriculum.

The latest, its virtual school, is in the same vein, with a plus. It is more technologically advanced, ensuring that your child’s learning is continuous, wherever they are, at any stage of their learning journey.

The virtual school is designed to withstand uncertainty. It keeps students, teachers, and staff connected, strong, and agile. The entire school can transition smoothly and quickly from on-campus to virtual learning without disrupting the student experience.

The collective knowledge, skills and experience of the Nord Anglia family – made up of over 10,000 teachers and experts in 76 schools around the world – have made this possible.

“Being part of Nord Anglia Education has enabled our staff to collectively share ideas, ensuring best practice for our students and teachers. Children’s education has remained a priority throughout our virtual learning experience, and we can really see the benefits now that we have returned to classroom learning,” says Sarah Dillon, Primary Lead on the Madinat Khalifa campus.

What an exceptional education and world-class teaching look like

Two key aspects – connected time and guided time – define the virtual school experience. For the former, students learn from their teacher “live” using their safe and secure online platform. Guided time is when students learn independently through personalized tasks set by their teacher. Finding the right balance between the two allows students to get the most out of personalized learning from home.

With Compass International School Doha, teachers won’t just be talking about faces on a screen. These highly trained specialists enhance the curriculum from diverse learning perspectives, adapt to considerable time zone differences, provide vigilant monitoring and pastoral care, and participate in ongoing professional development to ensure that their knowledge are at the forefront of raising children in any given environment.

Whether they’re building important literacy skills through story time, honing their motor skills with creative play, or conducting experiments through its uniquely designed STEAM programs, they ensure that their virtual classes are of the same quality as their in-person classes.

Students can also continue to engage in a range of activities with students around the world through its Global Campus. Through this online platform, students can engage in a wide range of extracurricular activities that fall into five areas: Language and Literature, Performing Arts (a collaboration with Juilliard), STEAM (a collaboration with MIT), social enterprise with UNICEF. , and Expeditions.

This can include participating in contests, creating content, working with guest experts, connecting and interacting with each other in collaborative projects.

Compass Doha International School

Source: Compass International School Doha

“This year, Jamie, a student at Compass’s Madinat Khalifa campus, won the campus’ global comic book competition and saw his comic come to life as a published comic,” shares Zoë Casson, a teacher at Compass. Early Childhood at Léman International School, Chengdu – one of Nord Anglia Education’s sister schools – and Global Campus Lead for China. “From the incredible work they do giving back to the community, to the comprehensive skills we see them learn and hone, the Global Campus is a tremendous asset to our students.

Young learners are not left out either. Global Campus Junior, exclusively created for early childhood students at Compass International School Doha, offers activities that can all be done offline to reduce screen time, without ongoing guidance from a teacher or parent .

They allow young minds to stay curious in their learning through three interesting aspects: weekly reading of the Story Stacks audiobook with seven educational tasks to do after reading aloud; the Forest School interactive learning tool that offers children a new activity each time a leaf falls from the tree; and the three-stage Junior Elements project (learn, practice and demonstrate) with monthly themes. Parents can easily access guidance in Global Campus Junior to guide their children to grow and succeed, even at home.

Indeed, Compass International School Doha’s forward-looking approach is well-prepared for any scenario, with no disruption to teaching and learning. Either way, parents can rest assured that students – of all ages, levels and circumstances – can continue to learn happily and effectively at Compass International School Doha.

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