Mangaluru: Father’s Day celebrated at the Ryan International School

Press release

Mangaluru, June 18: The bond of a father and child is unusual and Ryan International School made it even more special with a big party on Saturday June 18th.

Classrooms were filled with dads enthusiastically getting involved with their children in activities such as card and wreath making, lucky town, ramp walking, lucky circle, musical chairs, and more. hand of their fathers tightly in pride. They were excited to spend time with their fathers and very eager to show them their respective classrooms.

The reactions on each of their faces were priceless as the joy of being with their father was evident in the sparkle in their eyes. The atmosphere was fun with stretched smiles everywhere.

It was a grand spectacle put on by the Ryanites expressing their love through songs, dances, poems, speeches and performances. Each presentation and performance was a class of its own that expressed love and devotion.

The prizes were awarded to the winners. A photo booth with props has also been set up for fathers and children to click on photos, as pictures are a way to freeze those special memories.