Milo welcomes children with the ‘Back to School’ program

Nestlé Milo has carried out several activities to support children’s transition to classroom learning, with its ‘Back to School’ programme.

Category Marketing Manager at Nestlé, Said Mohamed Ali, “The last two years have been difficult for everyone, especially for children. As schools reopen with the gradual return to normal, we wanted to make this return to the highly anticipated safe and educational school for our children.As a brand that has always encouraged children to lead healthier and more active lives, it was an honor to support the authorities in welcoming children back to school and feeding them so that ‘they continue their studies and their sports, amidst the challenges of the new normal. ”

The first event of the “Back to School” program took place last week in Kelimadala Kanishta Vidyalaya. The day began with an interactive awareness program led by public health inspectors on the importance of doing their part to stay safe.

The event not only aimed to instill good safety habits, but also encouraged children to stay active in school and at home. Highlighting the importance of physical activity for leading a healthy life, an exercise session was conducted by the school’s physical education teachers to help children become strong, energetic and ready to face the rest of their lives. the school year.

The company will organize similar sessions in other schools in the Western Province with inspectors from the Ministry of Education and Public Health in the coming weeks.