More support for the Endyke-Doran school committee race: letter

The following letter to the editor does not reflect the views of Sudbury Patch

My name is Peter Barrera. I am the father of four children living in Sudbury MA. My youngest is a freshman at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School (LSRHS). I am writing this letter to support Cara Endyke-Doran’s campaign for continued representation on the LSRHS School Board. I have known Cara for five years. Our girls became friends in high school and have remained close even though they are miles apart at their respective colleges.

Cara is an exemplary member of the school council, eager to take on leadership challenges, including as current president. His extensive professional experience in global child and adolescent health has helped make LSRHS a leader in school pool testing enabling our children to return to school quickly without sacrificing their safety during the pandemic.

I always knew Cara was a caring and caring person. Cara and her husband Miguel had four children in the Sudbury school system, with her two youngest at LSRHS today. They are active and involved parents. This is true not only in the school committee, but also in school sports. Cara is an engaged mom who spends time getting to know her children’s friends and teammates, giving her an insider’s perspective on what’s going on within the school.

Cara is an inclusive person who actively listens to the different perspectives that emerge from the three communities of Sudbury, Lincoln and Boston and ensures that all voices are heard and considered by the committee.

In short, Cara is an excellent guardian of the well-being of our students at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. She is professional, caring and above all dedicated to the continued success of our students’ education.

It is with great respect that I fully endorse Cara Endyke-Doran for another term on the Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School Committee. She deserved it.

—Peter Barrera, Sudbury