Nord Anglia International School Dubai: students of today, creators of tomorrow

Creativity is an invaluable skill. According to the Harvard Business Review, this is an essential skill in various industries because business challenges require inventive solutions. Even STEAM-related fields benefit from professionals who can think outside the box – step back in time to when the Wright Brothers innovated the airplane instead of strategizing a training program to make faster cars. His technical abilities aside, he wouldn’t have changed the world if he hadn’t believed in the impossible. School is the perfect place for children to realize their ability to achieve similar greatness.

The Champion and Head of Creativity at Nord Anglia International School (NAS) in Dubai sums it up best when he says, “I think it’s the boundless reality of creative imagination that sets the human species apart and when we let’s bring our creative powers together, the benefits can be limitless.”

“Respecting this understanding is now even more important than ever in the history of our species, and we all know the clock is ticking. That’s why, more than anything else, schools need to nurture our shared potential and give young people the invaluable satisfaction, meaning and enjoyment they find when they work collaboratively and creatively.

This is precisely what his students do on a daily basis. NAS Dubai is a dynamic school that embraces the importance of creativity and innovation. Couple this with the institution’s personalized approach to learning, the students here – who represent 78 nationalities – have a recipe for 21st century success.

At NAS Dubai, a child’s creativity flourishes under the guidance of dedicated teachers. Source: Nord Anglia International School Dubai

It all starts with a unique and customizable international curriculum built around world-renowned educational frameworks. All ages benefit from this level of quality – early years and primary programs are based on the national curriculum for England. The latter includes core courses in math, language arts, social studies, and science; two language courses; a performing arts program inspired by Julliard; the school’s Design, Innovation, Computing and Enterprise (DICE) program; and much more. The combination is certainly rewarding.

“Ask any elementary school kid about one of their favorite lessons, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to hear excitedly about a lesson where they got to work as a team and build or create something!” says innovation leader (primary), Aimee Middleton. “Children are curious creatures, and when given the freedom to play, experiment and explore, they thrive.”

Nord Anglia International School Dubai

Opportunities for broadening the horizon are plentiful at NAS Dubai. Source: Nord Anglia International School Dubai

Secondary students also learn from a version of England’s National Curriculum, leading to IGCSE qualifications in Year 11. They also have access to the DICE model, which has seen countless students take creative risks and make mistakes worth learning about.

“James Dyson made 5127 prototypes before perfecting his vacuum cleaner and we often learn more about what didn’t quite work than if something went right the first time and that’s what it’s all about. in design,” shares high school teacher Owen Gilbert. “We encourage students to learn by doing, seeking to solve real-world problems and global Sustainable Development Goals.”

For example, grade 8 students are currently working on a project related to Dubai’s 2040 sustainability vision, where they have to design a sustainable building that will be 3D printed and placed on a scale version of downtown Dubai. . The project opened their eyes not only to design, but also to the environment and geography.

Sixth Form at NAS Dubai takes things up a notch by offering older students a choice of pathways based on their strengths, passions and goals. Whether the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme, the IB Certificate or the A Levels matches their aspirations is entirely up to them. Be that as it may, all sixth form courses at NAS Dubai are internationally recognized by the best universities in the world.

For them, like their Primary peers, life skills are associated with opportunities to expand their horizons. In fact, after class is over, they enjoy some of the over 100 enrichment activities and clubs available at NAS Dubai.

Nord Anglia International School Dubai

Source: Nord Anglia International School Dubai

Of course, they can also take advantage of their school’s global collaborations with world-renowned institutions and organizations. Through The Julliard School, learners have access to world-renowned performing arts skills and experience taught by exceptional teachers.

The school’s collaboration with MIT ensures tomorrow’s innovators have a comprehensive introduction to cross-disciplinary STEAM learning. They even have the chance to explore the same issues that MIT professors and researchers are currently working on today, thanks to the fact that their teachers have undergone extensive in-person training at the prestigious university.

Meanwhile, NAS Dubai’s close connection to UNICEF is nurturing the world changers of tomorrow. This partnership has helped educators here develop learning materials based on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which form the basis of the Social Impact Program and the annual Global Challenge. Imagine students spending their free time turning plants into biofuel, educating young children about their rights, and essentially giving a voice to the voiceless – it’s just another normal day in the life of a NAS learner. Dubai.

It’s no wonder these future powerhouses are developing the confidence to thrive academically. The proof is in the numbers with 100% of students passing the IBDP this year with an average score of 37.5, and 87% achieving A** to B in their IGCSEs – not to mention the school earning a list in the Spears top 100 schools in the world too. To learn more, click here.

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