(P) World top scorer in the IBDP exams of the International School of Bucharest

IS B is proud to present the top scorer in the world, Tudor Durnescu., who did an outstanding job in the May 2022 International Baccalaureate exam session, scoring maximum points (45/45).

More than 173,000 students from 3,090 schools in 150 countries have registered for the May 2022 IB exam session. Only 0.37% of IB candidates got the perfect mark, and we are extremely proud that Tudor is one of the top performers in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

We asked Tudor what the secret to the perfect IB score was:

“45. I had long imagined myself being the first in my school to get a perfect IB score. I sometimes thought about it before I went to bed, and even told my dad about it once or twice. time. However, that dream never really intimidated me. One of the few skills I entered the IB with was overconfidence, or so it must have seemed to my colleagues. In truth, I would describe it as self-confidence, the kind of faith that some get through religion or other similar beliefs. From the start, I thought I would get my 45 just because it was how it was supposed to be. Even when I was burned by this overconfidence over the years, I never stopped believing in myself and my goals. This general feeling carried me through long exams, which I had imagined to be more daunting than they actually were.

Leaving behind this kind of spiritual motivation, I also knew that no amount of belief would ever help me gain anything in life without work. Throughout IB, especially the latter part, this work absorbed me, often from morning to dusk, and I was happier than ever, challenging myself to become master of all I had. learned. I have to say that I’ve never been one to get up at 4 am and never had an all-nighter. (To my knowledge, I have never stayed up past noon on a school night). The techniques and tricks I have used to study are inconsequential as their success depends on each student’s preferred way of learning. Personally, I worked every day, without exception, whenever I didn’t have to eat, sleep or leave the house. Even more shocking to some, I was excited to do it every day because the feeling of doing something important engulfed me and didn’t let go.

Where does this ambition come from?

I’ve been asked this many times, and honestly, I’d like to know too. My parents think it started before IGCSE at a summer camp in Oxford. Personally, I believe it was just a combination of having all the resources I needed to perfect myself, great teachers who helped me believe I was capable of mastering the subject, and strong role models to inspire me throughout. along the way.

ISB School Principal Serdar Sakman said, “In 2022, our students achieved tremendous results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Tudor D. achieved the perfect score of 45 in the IB Diploma Program. This is an outstanding achievement that only the best students can achieve. Congratulations Tudor! Seven of our students scored 40+ points. This is the level required for admission to elite universities around the world, such as Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard and Stanford. 65% of our students achieved 30 points or more, and our students’ subject average was 34, which is 2 points above the IBDP world average. As Head of School at ISB, it is with great enthusiasm that I acknowledge this excellent set of results. Complementing this achievement is the planned, efficient and caring support network that LIB teachers provide to every student who completes this challenging program. Our teaching team deserves full credit for their ambitious teaching and ongoing support.

Excellent overall results for ISB in IB exams May 2022

We are proud of our class of 2022, who have successfully completed their challenging two-year learning journey in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) and achieved excellent results. In the May 2022 session, despite all the hurdles of unprecedented times, our students have enjoyed continued success in IB examinations since ISB introduced the IBDP in 2017. Resilience and dedication learning have borne fruit; of our 40 diploma candidates, 7 were exceptionally successful and scored 40 or more points out of 45. Andrei-Tudor D. did an exceptional job and scored full marks.

We would like to congratulate our students, their teachers and their parents for this great achievement during one of the most difficult times in decades. We also wish them the best of luck in their academic life and every success in their future endeavours.

(p) – This article is an infomercial.