Parent rebukes anti-mask attacks on school committee and others

MILLBURY — In recent weeks, some anti-masker parents have lambasted the school committee, in person and online, for adhering to the state’s mandatory mask order in schools, but one Millbury parent has rebuked these remarks, calling them “shameful”.

‘Two years into the COVID-10 pandemic…we’re still arguing about semantics, science and freedoms,’ said mother Christine McPherson, a healthcare professional with a dual degree in chemistry and in biology, during the public consultation at the November 3 school committee meeting.

“But the most pressing pandemic… is the pandemic of compassion loss,” she said.

“The posts I’ve seen online against this committee and other members of our community, like myself, are shameful, and I’m embarrassed that we, as adults in this community, can’t deal with it. even a modicum of respect when we disagree,” she said.

“No one is trying to sell our children or take away your parental rights, including mine.”

In past meetings, an anti-mask parent has accused the committee of ignoring the harmful side effects of mask-wearing, calling its decision to follow the mask mandate “morally wrong”.

Another parent accused the committee of ‘missing’ their homework for following the state’s school mask mandate, saying they have a book of facts, evidence and science about masks and COVID- 19.

McPherson warned that these toxic comments and more are being seen by children in Millbury. “We became the worst teachers and examples of human decency for them,” she said.

With a background that includes research that includes infectious disease, global and public health topics, McPherson said she understands medical data and statistics on COVID-19.

“The amount of misinformation being disseminated and used specifically to attack this committee, which follows the mandate of the DESE (State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) mask, is dangerous,” she said.

“I trust this committee because it follows the mandates, they are not created by the government alone, but by people who have researched medically sound recommendations to keep all of our families safe,” he said. she declared.

The medical community is not withholding information or facts about COVID-19, she said. “But when we share evidence-based research, it’s continually overwhelmed with conspiratorial rhetoric and fake data.”

McPherson said, “Please stop…replacing science with guesswork. Please stop sharing links and posts and attacking other community members and committee members.”