Precious Treasures International School Wins 2022 FortisTCI National High School Science Debate

Precious Treasures International School took first place for the second year in a row at the FortisTCI National High School Science Debate held at company headquarters May 3-5, 2022. The returning champions faced off against the winner from second place, Marjorie Basden High School.

Apart from getting the highest score in the finals, the three-member debate team, Rudraksh Rajnikanth, Jawill Deane and Savion Rigby also won debates against British West Indies Collegiate and Holy Family Academy in the preliminaries and semi-finals. finals. Runner-up winner Marjorie Basden High School won debates against Maranatha Academy and Clement Howell High School.

The debate was broadcast live via the company’s Facebook page. The format consists of ten 60-minute debates over three days with different closing arguments, arguing positions and debate teams. Preliminaries took place on Days 1 and 2, followed by Semi-Finals and Finals on Day 3. intelligently interrogate their opposition.

FortisTCI President and CEO, Ruth Forbes, said, “We are proud to provide this platform for high school students to deepen their understanding of issues of global importance and defend their positions with skill, clarity and persuasion. This year’s debate saw more participating schools with an even higher level of competition. We would like to thank the TCI Government Department of Education for their partnership in this initiative. Congratulations to the winning school for an outstanding oral presentation and to all of the debate teams for their hard work and courage.

Debating team students from Precious Treasures International School and Marjorie Basden High School received a 9th generation 10.2-inch Apple iPad and participant bag. Each student on the winning debate team receives a $1,000 educational grant, and the school receives $1,000 for its science program. Second-place winner Marjorie Basden High School receives $500 for her science program, and each student on the debate team receives a $500 educational grant.

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