QU FP students share Qatari tales at Qatar-Finland International School

Sixteen male students from the English for Communications II course of the Foundation Program (FP), the General Studies Dean of Qatar University (QU), visited the Qatar-Finland International School (QFI) to share Qatari tales .

The event organizer, QFI librarian Holly Crewe, arranged for QU FP students to present stories in English to 450 children in 20 K-5 classes.
The stories focused on Qatari culture and Islamic values ​​from a collection of folk tales written by QU FP students as part of the “Tales of Qatari Heritage” project.
The students prepared for two weeks before the event under the direction of Jeffrey Maggard, lecturer in the FP English department and project manager.
Mohamed Kadkhododaei, a student from the College of Business, said, “It was the first time in my life that I told a story to children. It was amazing and most of them liked the story. Now I feel confident to tell stories to any group.
The QFI children, representing 62 nationalities, were delighted to receive their special guests.
Sammy Cox (10) of 5A, listened to the story, ‘The Donkey’s Tail’. He said: “Qatari culture is very interesting!
“Hearing stories from Qatar’s rich tradition of oral storytelling has been a very special experience for our students,” said Nikke Keskinen, Managing Director and Principal of the QFI School.