Rochester Public Schools Hosts Successful Summer School Program

For immediate release

ROCHESTER – Superintendent Kyle Repucci is pleased to report that Rochester Public Schools hosted a successful summer program.

Following the challenges posed by more than a year of distance and blended learning, the district offered this program to provide focused instruction, as well as additional educational experiences, allowing students to learn and grow during the ‘summer.

The four-week program ran the morning of the week of July 12 through the week of August 2. About 150 elementary school students, 85 middle school students and 125 high school students participated in the program.

Students had the opportunity to spend time with familiar peers and make new friends.

Elementary school students worked on essential reading and math skills, followed by outdoor snack and recess.

Secondary students focused on developing math, English and social science skills.

Grade 8 students have developed skills to help them succeed in their Grade 9 math classes. Summer school teachers identified areas that 9th graders typically struggle with, including order of operations, fractions, and graphing coordinates. Teachers have planned various activities around these topics, including math games, digital worksheets and more.

Additionally, high school students have taken advantage of the program to recover lost credits and stay on track to graduate. Classes were offered in social studies, science, English and math. The district offered two 90-minute classroom sessions each morning. Students were able to customize their schedule based on the number of credits they needed. Students used the Edgenuity online learning platform, combined with a one-on-one interview with a teacher, to discuss progress on activities, projects and assignments.

All students received a lunch bag provided by Community Action Partnership of Strafford County.

“We are delighted to have been able to offer this program to all of our students, ranging from our young kindergarteners to our senior high school students. It was a great way for them to socialize with each other while preparing for the upcoming school year,” Superintendent Repucci said. “I would like to thank all of the faculty and staff for their hard work in preparing and providing this valuable experience for our students.”