RTL Today – Campus Geesseknäppchen: The Gaston Thorn International School is still open for registration

The Gaston Thorn International School operates in three languages ​​- German, English and French – and follows the European school curriculum.

The school does not operate on tuition fees, nor does it have the same requirements as the European Schools of Kirchberg and Mamer, explains director Jessy Medinger. This means that admission is entirely independent of their parents’ place of work; in theory, anyone can enroll in the school.

Especially for students who have difficulty in a certain language or who have recently moved to Luxembourg, the first years in the national school system are overwhelming. Instead, they find solace in this multilingual and international setting. In addition to the three standard languages, students take courses in Luxembourgish and even have the opportunity to learn Portuguese, Spanish and Italian, among others.

The school with an international spirit, which reflects the Luxembourg reality, is a project that the director has supported from the start. And the fact that she now sees how happy and motivated the children are in the classrooms shows that the project is indeed having a positive social impact.

Some of the school’s priorities include democracy, music and the digital world: having respectful and international interactions, being involved in music and social integration, and becoming digitally agile.

More information can be found on the school’s website.