School Board Approves Policy Revamp – Winthrop Transcript

The Winthrop school committee met on Tuesday, where it approved an overhaul of the policy.

Policy Review

The committee will work with the Mass. Assoc. School Committees to carry out an in-depth review and update of all its policies, approximately 500 of them.

“This is a liability and compliance issue,” explained Supt. Lisa Howard. “We have policies that are outdated and we’re probably running out of policies that we should have.”

Lisa Mignosa, owner of Coastal Yoga, celebrated her first birthday. A ceremonial ribbon cutting, with his family, took place. Pictured are husband Jim and son Tyler and daughter Sydney. The studio is located at 19 Somerset Ave.

“This is a long overdue review of what we have in place to determine what revisions are needed,” she continued. “It will also make the policies more accessible to students, parents and the community.”

The policy update process comes with an initial investment of $10,500 and can take up to three years.

The exam results will then be available online for community members to view.

Other news

The district is launching a new social-emotional learning progress tracking system for K-12 students. The system will highlight areas needing improvement. Teachers will assess students throughout the year, and students in grades three and up will assess themselves as well. The system also offers age-appropriate courses aimed at improving social and emotional intelligence.

There are a total of 1,958 students, including 15 international students, enrolled in Winthrop public schools this year: 494 at Gorman Fort Banks, 426 at Cummings Elementary School, 426 at middle school and 597 at high school.

MBTA Student Bus Passes are available for students at a discounted rate.