Seattle public high school program requires students to sign pro-abortion agreement

Seattle-area Eastlake High School is notorious for being controversial. According for talk show host Jason Rantz, the school employed teachers who posted posters “depicting capitalism as a ‘cult of death’, demanding an end to borders and supporting Black Lives Matter”. Shila Hodgins, who teaches social studies at Eastlake, has publicly admitted that Eastlake teachers “always bring our politics”.

But Eastlake teachers Jason Wessels and Michelle Okroy may have gone too far.

The two science teachers are academic advisors for a school program called Link Crew, which connects junior and senior class student mentors with incoming freshmen to help them adjust to new demands. High School. Student mentors they are naturally expected to be “kind, responsible, a positive role model, [and have] flourishing leadership qualities. But Wessels and Okroy added additional, agenda-driven criteria requiring students pledge to support leftist ideas and groups or they cannot participate in the mentorship program.

Parents have been given a code of conduct, which students must agree to follow. Students who do not follow through are removed from the program. Most elements of the code of conduct are non-controversial and sensible – for example, students I agree be positive role models, reduce bullying and display a positive attitude at school.

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However, the fourth category on the list included a politically motivated checklist, which students had to initial as a sign of their agreement. The following statements were included in the list: “Black Lives Matter, Love is Love, No human is illegal, Women’s rights are human rights.”

Taken at face value, these statements may seem innocuous. But these are slogans used by people who defend a leftist program. “Women’s rights are human rights”, in particular, was co-opted by the pro-abortion movement. None of these slogans have anything to do with mentoring young classmates, and it is unacceptable for students to be expected to support any political agenda in order to participate in a public school program.

Public schools increasingly resembling indoctrination factoriesit’s no wonder that a growing number of families choose homeschooling. According According to the National Homeschooling Research Institute, the homeschooling population was growing at around 2-8% per year, until the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 academic years, when the numbers increased dramatically. spectacular. In 2021, 6-7% of school-aged children are homeschooled.

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