SEK Bucharest International School will open its doors in September

River Development announced on May 2 that SEK Bucharest International School, an international private school where all children benefit from educational programs in English, Spanish and Romanian, will open its doors in September in the Sema Parc project in Bucharest.

At first, the school will offer kindergarten and elementary school programs. Registration begins May 3, subject to availability.

The space rented by the school at Sema Parc covers 2,553 m² inside one of the project’s existing buildings, plus an additional 4,162 m² of interior courtyard. The transaction was brokered by ESOP Consulting, a local real estate consulting firm.

“As educators, our primary mission is to bring inspiration, knowledge and innovation to each of our students, to train them to reach their potential through academic activity. Through dynamic programs, we strive to develop individuals with strong collaborative, communicative, moral and creative qualities, with a passion for lifelong learning,” said Alina Pele, Director of SEK Bucharest International School.

“Because the place where we will carry out our educational activity is essential to be in accordance with our values, we have chosen to open our school in Sema Parc, in a building which, at first sight, looks like a traditional school. We will open in September with preschool and primary school programs, and as our students grow, we will expand our academic offering to middle and high school,” she added.

SEK Bucharest International School is part of the International Education Systems (IES) organization and offers students recognized diplomas at European level.

Founded in 1892, SEK International Schools are places where innovation and educational leadership are combined with tradition and history to offer unique educational programs.

(Photo source: River Development)