Seven Wonders of a New Brookes CIL International School

Ukraine’s newest and largest school for local and international students, Brookes CIL International School will open in Kyiv, Ukraine in September 2022.

This truly innovative educational facility meets global best practices for safety and sustainability while practicing a holistic approach to whole child development. According to the “” media article, when listing their school’s advantages, Brookes CIL identifies seven vital spaces for students known as the “7 Wonders of CIL”.

The first marvel is represented by the triple-height atrium which is designed to be the magnificent heart of the school: the main entrance with 700 lockers and access to the dining hall, this dynamic center welcomes the school community all days, reads the article. The atrium also acts as a space to elevate learning practices; students conduct group sessions and independent study while teachers use it to facilitate their lesson planning in specially designed coupe-style meeting rooms.

At the same time, Creative & Media Hall’s design incorporates high-performance HVAC, AV, theater rigging, lighting and acoustics. It includes a performance hall with over 500 seats, an instrument storage area, make-up rooms and changing rooms with toilets and showers, a modern black box theater and a television/podcast studio.

Additionally, the Brookes CIL Sports Center is home to an NBA-sized sports arena, three halls providing adaptable play space for a range of sports, a workout/fitness facility, a dance/ballet studio, and locker rooms. comfortable for 180 students, as indicated in the material

Additionally, Brookes CIL Learning Hub was designed with the intention of fostering a space to stimulate four key areas of learning: Collaboration; Quiet Individual Study; Specialty Support and Technology Nerve Center, as described in the article.

Outlet reports that the school’s Makerspace is made up of work-oriented spaces organized over 400 m². and include a forum for student engagement, carpentry and metal workshops, laser cutting, 3D printing, clean labs, robotics, and expansive coworking spaces. In addition, the top floor of the school provides a generous surface area of ​​4,000 m². student space.

The roof houses a football and squash pitch, a stage, training areas, several playgrounds, an open-air cinema and outdoor botanical and vegetable gardens designed for children’s fun and learning activities. students, continues the material.

Finally, the article informs that to offer students and teachers the best dining experience in its dining room, Brookes CIL considered the following factors: lighting, acoustics and ventilation (a bright and airy space with plenty of natural light ); Healthy and varied food options (dishes are carefully chosen by the school nutritionist); Design and furniture (the school has set up different configurations of tables and chairs, green trees, pergolas and small fountains).

“These “7 Wonders of CIL” truly offer students endless possibilities for development and discovery of the world around them. However, as they tell Brookes CIL, the most important wonder and centerpiece of their school, as well as any school, is a child,” the material summarizes.

Photos by Brookes CIL International School