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Springfield Public Schools Hosts Magnet School Program Information Meeting

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Springfield Public Schools is hosting an information meeting on Thursday, Oct. 31 about the Magnet Schools program.

Parents of third, fourth and seventh graders are encouraged to attend the meeting to learn more about the different programs their child can participate in through SPS Choice. To participate in these programs next year, current third-, fourth-, and seventh-grade students must apply between November 1 and December 3. Students are randomly selected to participate in these innovative year-long programs:

  • Exploration Academy at the Discovery Center
  • Academy of Fine and Performing Arts
  • Academy of Health Sciences
  • WOLF school:
  • AgAcademy (new for 2022-2023):

“We can provide an authentic learning approach to a student’s interest,” said Kelsey Barbo, Director of SPS Choice Programs. “They can come to our programs, find something they’re interested in, and dive into it. They find a niche, they find a passion. A large part of our magnet schools are community connections. »

The students will present the different programs and meet the professors. Students can choose between the five different programs where they will learn everything they would learn in a traditional classroom, but in a more interactive setting.

“They’re learning all of their Missouri learning standards,” Barbo said. “We always teach a grade-appropriate curriculum only through a specific lens. These experiences all center on the purpose of this magnet school, and then on using the community to strengthen and enrich these learning opportunities.

Parents will have the opportunity to meet the teachers and learn more about the program. SPS has offered the Magnet School program for 13 years and has added new programs that allow students to learn about different industries alongside their college education.

“Parents can expect to come in and get a high-level glimpse of what year-round learning is like at a magnet school,” Barbo said. “They can tell if those interests match their child’s interests.”

Students wishing to enroll in one of the Magnet School programs can enter their name in a lottery. The students who can enroll in the programs are randomly selected.

The information meeting is at Kickapoo High School on Thursday, October 31 at 6 p.m.

For more information on SPS Choice programs, Click here.

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