Stamford American International School class of 2021 celebrates 100% pass rate

The previous year, graduates had achieved IB results with a pass rate of 94% in exams and an average score of 32, beating the global average of 29.9. This year, students broke that record by achieving an average score of 35 surpassing the global average score of 32.99.

Known for its multiple pathways, SAIS’ Advanced Placement (AP) results were equally remarkable. The average grade this year was 3.3, with more than 70% of exam grades being 3 or above. An indication of the strength of the AP program is that in 90% of AP subjects, more than half of test takers scored 3 or higher.

“SAIS is the only school in Singapore to offer AP, BTEC and IBDP programs simultaneously – a unique opportunity for us students,” said Akhil Vakentesh, a 2021 graduate of Stamford.

Additionally, BTEC students also achieved excellent results in the first year of the program with two students earning Distinction and Merit respectively for the BTEC Subsidiary Degree in Performing Arts: Acting.

Student-centered approach

SAIS faculty members develop curricula tailored to student needs, utilizing diverse educational pathways and a supportive ecosystem to further reach students’ full potential.

Class of 2021 graduate Seungbin Kang said, “For teachers, the most common characteristic between them would be that they are all caring, whether it’s your counselors or your subject teachers, or even the service coordinator or the class coordinator. They aim to connect with students to understand their work ethic, how they can do better, and to encourage students to do their best. »

SAIS prides itself on embracing a style of teaching with programs aimed at meeting academic, social, and emotional needs. The school also engages global education concepts and issues that promote inquiry, critical thinking, perspective taking, and problem solving.

The class of 2021 received offers from prestigious universities and colleges from 18 different countries, including New York UniversityUC Los Angeles, UC Berkeley, Imperial College, Boston UniversityUniversity of amsterdam, national university of singaporeand Nanyang Technological University.

International Baccalaureate in Singapore

According to SwitzerlandIB organization based at the IB, Singapore produced 55 of the top 99 scorers in 2021. A total of 2,228 students in Singapore passed the exams with 97.73% of students passing this year.

The SAIS IB course offers quality educational programs at three different levels: the IB Diploma Program (DP), for students aged 16-19; the IB Intermediate First Cycle Program (MYP) for ages 11-16; and the IB Primary Years Program (PYP). The IB is considered one of the most demanding courses for students in the country.

About SAIS

Stamford American International School Singapore provides an exceptional education for students from two months to 18 years old. In addition, SAIS offers the unique opportunity to earn a US-accredited high school diploma derived from a choice between the College Board’s Advanced Placement International Diploma (AP ID) courses, Bachelor’s degree program international (IB DP) or a mix of both, and the BTEC diploma – a first in Singapore.

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