Stuttgart, Germany: Stuttgart International School: Fact Sheet 2022-2023

The International School of Stuttgart is a coeducational international school that offers an educational program ranging from a three-year-old early childhood class to grade 12 for students of all nationalities. The school was founded in 1985 and offers the three IB programs on two campuses. Accredited by NEASC, ISS has received local MINT (STEM) and Digitale Schule certification and is widely recognized as the leading secondary school in our region. The school year, which runs from the end of August to the end of June, consists of two semesters.

Organization: The school is run by a management board and a supervisory board; each director is elected for a three-year term. The board appoints and evaluates the headteacher as the sole member of the board with operational authority. The school-wide strategic leadership team consists of the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Human Resources Officer; the director of admissions; three division (senior) education managers, the Director of Information Technology and the Director of Digital Learning and the Head of Communications. The school is recognized as a non-profit institution under German law.

Curriculum: Our mission to inspire, challenge and support our students and each other to become positive participants in a changing world. In addition to offering the IB PYP program, it is important to note that the ISS Middle Years Program certificate is recognized by the German state as a Mittlere Reife Year 10 end qualification. Germany also recognizes the ISS IB diploma as an Allgemeine Hochschulreife and the ISS diploma is recognized as an American high school diploma. Graduates enroll worldwide. ISS offers a range of academic support services for children with mild to moderate needs, including differentiated instruction, learning accommodations and curriculum modifications. English as an Additional Language (ALA) services are available for students with limited English skills and there is a strong home and family language program in our primary schools. The school offers German language learning at all levels and skill levels and makes extensive use of Stuttgart and the surrounding regions as cultural and curricular resources.

Faculty: In the 2022-2023 school year, the ISS has a total staff of 222, including 172 teachers, including 42 U.S. citizens, 41 host country nationals, and 89 third-country nationals. All faculty members maintain a teaching certificate/credential and/or program authorization equivalents.

Registration: At the start of the 2022-2023 school year, enrollment was 842. Of this total, 232 were U.S. citizens, 202 were host country nationals, and 408 were third country nationals.

Facilities: The school is located on two campuses. Degerloch’s largest campus consists of two modern purpose-built buildings for Early Years and Grades 1-12 classrooms, as well as numerous language rooms for German, French, Spanish and German. English as an additional language in addition to two sports. gymnasiums, newly renovated science laboratories and two libraries. Currently, the campus is being rebuilt as a state-of-the-art collaborative facility that will include a full-service kitchen and multiple service areas, a multipurpose auditorium, expanded performing and visual arts, Makerspaces and expanded design/technology rooms and flexible state-of-the-art middle school group areas with ample outdoor learning space. Construction is due to be completed by early fall 2023. The Sindelfingen campus is housed in a modern former bank building and the classrooms, serving students from kindergarten to grade 10, are bright and open. There is a library, cafeteria, performance space and a central meeting/assembly space known as “Treffpunkt Learning”. Improved science facilities, a new art and design facility, and newly renovated play areas are key features of this campus.

finance: For the 2022-2023 school year, approximately 91% of the college’s revenue comes from state-funded tuition and fees. The annual tuition rates are as follows: Early Years; $12,390; Kindergarten: $15,490; 1st to 5th year: $16,785; Grades 6 to 8: $17,970; Grades 9-10: $18,410; Grades 11-12: $20,295. Admission fee is $740 and One Time Capitol fee is $7,410 (all fees quoted approximately in US dollars).

Special needs: Download Special Needs Profile (Special Needs Germany, Stuttgart) for this school to find out more about its ability to support students with difficulties.

This information sheet is intended to provide general information. Potential school users may wish to inquire further with the A/OPR/OS or contact the school directly for more accurate and up-to-date information. Information and statistics are current to September 2022 and are provided by the school.