The GDOE Summer School curriculum will include STEM, Gardening | New

Summer school begins in June, and the Guam Department of Education has provided more than just academics for students.

Joseph Sanchez

GDOE’s summer program focuses on literacy and math, but according to GDOE Assistant Superintendent Joseph Sanchez, “that doesn’t mean they’ll just stay in class, read all day, and do calculations. We ask teachers to make it really engaging where you can incorporate a lot of other activities in reading and literacy lessons. »

To make it fun for students, the summer school program will incorporate STEM activities.

“Some schools will choose to do their robotics program during the summer. Additionally, we will use some of our digital resources, MobyMax and IXL. These are online resources that allow students to practice their reading and math skills,” Sanchez said.

But students won’t be spending all day in front of a computer either. Since it’s summer, Sanchez said the students will be spending time outdoors.

“We are very conscious of the fact that we don’t want them to be in front of a computer screen all day. The idea is that it’s summer, so we want them to go out and do activities in the fields,” Sanchez said.

Part of the outdoor activities will include gardening.

“We have a gardening program that we work with the office of food and nutrition that does farm and table gardens in some of our schools, so we’re trying to expand that to all the schools. “, did he declare.

Currently, the farm-to-table school garden program is part of the pre-kindergarten program in GDOE elementary schools. Sanchez said they plan to expand this program to all elementary levels.

“If possible, middle and high schools as well,” Sanchez said.

Schools that already have farm-to-table gardens will be able to expand their gardens. While schools without gardens can start planting seeds.

“We are ready to provide them with these resources. We have communicated with our food and nutrition people about this project,” Sanchez said. “We’re really trying to make it not just engaging, but to get them out of the classroom in addition to the traditional literacy and computer work that we do during the regular school year,” Sanchez said.

Registration for the summer school program is ongoing. Parents interested in enrolling their child should contact their child’s school.

The summer school for elementary and middle school students starts on June 13 and ends on July 22. The summer program for high school students will end a week later.