The Recorder – Gill-Montague School Committee: Superintendent meets expectations

Posted: 06/30/2022 00:49:32

Modified: 06/30/2022 00:46:58

MONTAGUE — Gill-Montague Regional School District Superintendent Brian Beck is meeting expectations for his role, according to an assessment that was discussed at Tuesday’s school committee meeting.

According to school committee chair Jane Oakes, seven committee members independently assessed Beck against five standards: instructional leadership, management and operations, family and community engagement, work culture, and progress toward goals set at the beginning of the year. school. Executive Assistant to the Director General Sabrina Blanchard must report the results of the evaluation to the Ministry of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Formerly headmaster of Hopkins Academy at Hadley, Beck was chosen to replace Michael Sullivan as superintendent of Gill-Montague in March 2020.

“I think it’s been especially difficult for any superintendent and Brian was appointed right at the start of COVID, which was an interesting way to start as a superintendent,” Oakes said at Tuesday’s meeting.

All seven members called Beck “competent” in terms of his instructional leadership. In terms of management and operations, one said it “needs improvement” and six described its performance as “competent”. Six described its family and community engagement work as “competent”, while one described it as “exemplary”. All seven said Beck was “competent” at cultivating a professional culture.

Progress toward Beck’s goals was assessed by a different metric. His “professional practice” goals, according to one, had seen “some progress,” while three others said “significant progress” had been made, two said goals had been met, and one said the targets had been exceeded. In terms of ‘student learning’ goals, one observed ‘some progress’, four felt that there was ‘significant progress’ and two felt that the goals had been met. With respect to “district improvement” goals, five observed “meaningful progress,” one said goals were met, and another felt goals were exceeded.

“I will continue to sit here awkwardly and take the time to look at the document for feedback and incorporate it into my work planning annual strategic plans for the next school year in my own practice,” Beck said. with a smile after the reviews were recapped on Tuesday.

After the reviews were presented, former California teacher and newly appointed school board member John Irminger offered additional praise.

“I’ve seen administrators for over a quarter century in California, and Brian, I really appreciate his really confident style and he’s really good at helping us understand issues,” Irminger said. “I don’t say it quite correctly, but I think you have a quiet confidence that I appreciate.”

Beck also thanked those who worked alongside him within the school district for helping him do his job.

“We have a great network, so I definitely have tons of support,” Beck said. “I also feel very supported by an exceptionally strong administrative team in this district.”

Towards the end of the discussion, the Montague resident noted that the motivation for his work comes in large part from feeling that he serves his loved ones.

“It’s nice to be able to have a positive impact on the quality of education my children and neighbors receive,” Beck said.

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