Westhampton School Board discusses first draft of strategic plan

WESTHAMPTON – With the school year fast approaching, the Westhampton School Board met on August 16 to hold preliminary discussions on its 2022-2025 strategic plan for the whole of the Hampshire Regional School District (HRSD) .

The plan, which will be presented in its final form at an upcoming meeting, aims to “unify HRSD into one cohesive district while maintaining each school’s autonomy and uniqueness as [the district] collectively provides a high quality educational experience.

The plan’s goal is to outline ways the district presents a “safe, supportive, and positive environment that fosters inclusivity, empathy, and acceptance of others.” According to RHSD Superintendent Diana Bonneville, the district hopes to incorporate four strategic goals into its final plan: maintaining a positive school culture, communicating effectively throughout the region, providing curriculum and assessment, and providing instructional leadership and professional growth. .

“The general objective is to make [HRSD] an inclusive environment that respects diversity,” Bonneville said. “We respond to the child as a whole, which means looking at them socially, emotionally, behaviorally and academically.”

Among the strategic priorities of this three-year plan are improving the administrative office to operate more efficiently, strengthening partnerships with the school community, and developing, reviewing and maintaining K-8 curriculum maps for ELA. [English Language Learners] and math aligned with state instruction, assessment, and standards.

“Overall, we work as administrators to provide effective feedback to teachers so they can be more effective in classrooms,” Bonneville said. “It’s not just a regional Hampshire thing, but I think all teachers could do better with formative assessment.”

The action plan was discussed at a meeting with district administrators Aug. 18, according to Bonneville. The hope is that the district improvement plan will flow from the strategic plan. All school boards in Hampshire Regional will be required to agree to a final version of the strategic plan.
Business administrator position

After 28 years of service, HRSD Business Administrator Bobbie Jones has recently taken up the position of Business Administrator at Northampton Public Schools, where she plans to start on October 1.

According to Bonneville, six people have so far applied for the vacancy, two of which are viable options for the position. The plan is to conduct interviews for the position the first week of September.
If the district can’t find anyone, Denise Cashin, current assistant business administrator, will add some responsibilities.

“I’m optimistic there’s someone out there,” Bonneville said.

The first day of school for Westhampton Primary School is August 31. According to Senior Dean Bates, the school expects to return to a more standardized lunch schedule. The COVID-19 isolation room will now be in the staff room.